Scientific Sessions


21st Webinar

Speaker: Dr Vivek Narayan
Topic: Platelet rich fibrin- Patient derived resource for finer practice


20th Webinar

Speaker: Dr Prabath Singh VP
Topic: Predictable endodontic preparation


19th Webinar

Speaker: Dr Madhu Hariharan
Topic: Root canal disinfection strategies: A special emphasis on the role of diode lasers.


18th Webinar

Speaker: Dr Jojo Kottor
Topic: Endodontics and Beyond...


17th Webinar

Speaker: Dr Neena Jacob
Topic: Common Cancers in Women


16th Webinar

Speaker: Dr Anup R Warrior
Topic: Treating Covid Negative Patients after Treatment for Covid 19


15th Webinar

Speaker: Dr Vinod Krishnan
Topic: So what, if i am short!? Management of Short Clinical Crowns


14th Webinar

Speaker: Dr Shibu Sreedhar
Topic: Restodontics


13th Webinar

Speaker: Dr Latha P Rao
Topic: Sterilization & Disinfection


12th Webinar

Speaker: Dr Yohan Chacko
Topic: Preparing for success with resin composite


11th Webinar

Speaker: Dr Davis C Thomas
Topic: Toothache of non odentogenic origin


10th Webinar

Speaker: Mr Shamim Rafeek
Topic: Facelift your business/practice


9th Webinar

Speaker: Dr Santosh Ravindran
Topic: New trends in post endodontic restorations and material applications


8th Webinar

Speaker: Dr Meera Gopalakrishnan
Topic: Diastema Dilemma Demystified


7th Webinar

Speaker: Dr Eldo Koshy
Topic: Pocelain laminate veneers - quick look at the clinical aspects


6th Webinar

Speaker: Dr Noorudeen AM
Topic: Gingival depigmentation simplified


5th Webinar

Speaker: Dr Binoy S Babu
Topic: Co existence with covid 19


4th Webinar

Speaker: Anupama Roy
Topic: Dressing right


3rd Webinar

Speaker: Ranjith Warrier
Topic: Healthy finances healthy living


2nd Webinar

Speaker: Dr George Jacob
Topic: Rubber dam isolation - Tips and tricks


1st Webinar

Topic : Guidelines for providing dental care during covid 19
Speaker : Dr Prashanth Pillai


4th CDE

Speaker: Dr Vivek Narayanan
Topic: Making the right choice - periodontics in routine practice
Venue: Hotel Coral Isle

Around 50 ppl attended the CDE program...There was honoring of our member DR M K JAMES for receiving the lifetime achievement award from the health minister.... Lucky draw was conducted and Dr V I Paul sir won it.


3rd CDE

Topic : overview of head and neck tumours - Surgery and reconstruction
Speakers : Dr Mayuri, Dr Sherry Peter and Dr Aashish
Venue : Gokulam park Inn

The 3rd cde was a interesting topic by 3 eminent speakers Dr Mayuri, Dr Sherry Peter and Dr Aashish of aster medicity with their exciting cases of facial surgeries and reconstruction. It was totally free cde for all our members. There was a lucky draw for the members and the lucky winner was handed over a prize by the president. The state award winners were felicitated too.


2nd CDE

Topic : veneers and laminates - happy money
Speaker : Dr harsh haren
Venue : hotel coral isle

It was the first free cde as a porridge for kochi ida members. Neighbouring members were invited for the free cde along with lunch. The speaker covered the clinical aspects of Veneers right from impression making, laboratory tips and final.bonding. post lunch session there was a live demo.


1st CDE

Topic : What the world doesn't know about lasers
Speakers : Dr Chandra Shekhar Yavagal and Dr G Arun
Venue : Holiday inn

15th CDE

Event: State cde by PFA -IDA
Venue : IMA House


14th CDE

Venue: aster medicity
16 dentists attended the course  
Faculty was Dr Anuroop Rajagopal MD


13th CDE

Speaker Alexandro
The course happened at Holiday inn Hotel from 3pm to 9:30 pm. The session ended with demonstrations by the faculty. Around 70 members attended the cde


12th CDE

The 13th CDE program of IDA kochi got over on Monday. It was a 2 day CDE program with the first day at hotel Mariott & second day at IMA house kochi. We had around 250 plus participants.
The CDE program was the result of request from few members on prosthetic part of implant dentistry, the importance of proper lab communication & the procedures done in the lab. The faculty explained the process in the lab so that the clinicians understood the reasons for the calls they receive after giving a case to the lab. The treatment modalities like clear aligners, how to create attachments, the needs for proper surgical stents, CAD CAM dentures, proper bite registration for Ortho & Pedo appliances, shade selection with grey cards & the latest disinfectants were explained and demonstrated.
The prog started at 9:30 am and ended by 4 :30 pm. The participants had a hands on session for 2 hours at the venue.The second day prog was at IMA house and the team demonstrated impression techniques for implants. The prog ended by 12:30 pm Really appreciate and thank all who could make it for the meeting and making it an interactive session.


11th CDE

TOPIC : Successful Teeth whitening and management of Flourosis
Venue: ima house 
The topic was made very simple by Dr Jose thomas.  
He started from the stories of his patients and made a detailed presentation of the subject. Around 50 members attended the CDE by Dr Jose Thomas, on "Successful Teeth whitening and management of Flourosis". Excellent feed back from the participants.... Congratulating Dr Joy Kurian our CDE chair for the persistent Commitment


10th CDE : by Dr Jaibin George

11th CDE program of IDA Kochi is happened on 28 th July ( Sunday) at Park central Hotel. The speaker was Dr Jaibin George. Topic: Glimpse into implantology basics to advanced


9th CDE : by Dr Subhash Hegde

The president inaugurated the program. The program was titled Manthan. It’s the Hindi word for the malayalam word mathanam. As the churning of milk brings out the hidden components of milk on the top and the milk becomes butter milk, this program was a churning of human behavior helping participants to bring out the best in them and become something renewed. The prog started with everyone introducing themselves and answering 3 questions by the speaker.
1. What would be your choice profession if you had not taken dentistry?
2. What is the obstacle that prevents you from achieving what you want?
3. Having known the problems associated with the present profession, would you still have chosen dentistry?

The CDE chairman introduced the speaker Subhash Hegde. He started his life as an engineer and now working on the greatest engines of the world. The human mind. Group discussion on what all things to take from a sinking ship in 15 minutes. We had tea break at 11:30 and lunch at 1:30. The afternoon session started at 2:30 and continued till 5:30 pm.The Hon secretary gave the vote of thanks thanking the speaker, participants & Dr Reddy’s Lab for sponsoring the program.


8th CDE : by Dr Chandrasekharan Nair

The 9th CDE program of IDA kochi took place at Ima Kaloor. It was an excellent talk by Dr Chandrasekharan Nair sir. The program started at 10 am and got over by 4:30 pm. We had 97 participants for the program. Chandu sir spoke about what a dentist should know and check before every step in the preparation of a complete denture. It was simple and he explained things in malayalam.
Coffee & snacks served at 11:30 am & 4:30 pm. The lunch break was at 2 pm. Chandu sir was really happy to see his old students and friends. We had members from other IDA ‘s to attend the CDE.


7th CDE : by Dr Varghese Mani, Dr George Paul, Dr Aju Ommen, and Dr Sherry Peter

The 7th cde (State CDE) on the topic 'Meet the masters- an update in Oral surgery for General practitioners' was held on 19/5/19, at PWD Guest House, Pathadi palam, Kochi from 8-30AM to 5-00PM. There was participation from 24 IDA branches with 230 participants. Speakers were Dr Varghese Mani, Dr George Paul, Dr Aju Ommen, and Dr Sherry Peter and Moderater was Dr Eapen Thomas. The programme was organised by IDA Kochi along with IDA Smart City and IDA Tripunithra branches.


6th CDE : Dr Jayasree Hedge

Topic : Tooth conservative restorations


5th CDE : by Dr Naren

The registrations for the program started at 6:30 pm and the meeting started by 7 pm. After welcoming the faculty and members the faculty was officially introduced to the crowd by Dr prasanth Pillai and the floor was opened to the speaker. 

Dr Naren started with basics of periodontics explaining about attached gingiva and it’s variations, appearance in health & disease. He presented the latest classification of gingival recession and the surgical management of the same. He showed as the cases he has done with alloderm and other grafts with post operative pics even after 4-5 years. The session ended with question & answer session. IDA Kochi presented a momento to the speaker. Dr VI Paul presented the momento. The meeting was adjourned for dinner.A total of 37 participants attended the session and the feed back of participants was excellent. Dr Mathew varghese P was the KDC observer.


4th CDE : by Dr Vinod Mathew

Topic : CE bill - game changer in health care Dentistry and management


3rd CDE : 'Catch the wave of Restorative Endodontics' by Dr Deepak Mehta

Held at IMA House, Kochi, at 9 AM. Topic was "Catch the wave of Restorative Endodontics" and speaker was Dr Deepak Mehta, MDS PhD. Full day lecture was attended by around 40 participants. There was also hands-on course along with the programme and 11 dentists participated in the same.Kerala Dental council awarded 6 points for the programme.


2nd CDE : 'Advanced endodontics' by Dr Harsh Haren

The second CDE program of IDA Kochi in association with IDA Malanadu & IDA smart city. The highlight of the CDE is the fact that it was offered as a free CDE. The speaker was Dr Harsh Haren shah and it was very well appreciated by the members. We had a participation of 93 members from3 branches. The entry was restricted to the first 90 registrations made. The organisers recognised the contributions of GSK health care, ( sensodyne) famdent , BDC, & Dentcare dental lab.

The program was successful because of the active support of all the branches and a special mention to Dr Terry Thomas for making it happen for free of cost to IDA members .


1st CDE : 'Smile Designing' by Dr B Mohan

The registration counter started at 8:30 am at the second floor of IMA house. We had 6 registration counters. Each counter handling registrations with names arranged in alphabetical order, each counter handling 25 members each. The names were arranged based on a list given in the Whatsaap group. Counter no 5 was exclusively for hands on participants. There was a separate counter for spot registrations. Volunteers manned the registration counter and finished registrations on time.

The meeting started at 9:30 am with Dr Meera Gopalakrishnan giving an introduction to the subject and she also did an ice breaking session. The participants were asked to find out the names of people sitting in front, back & left & right. This created lots of interactions among members. Later Dr Vinod Mathew explained to members about the importance of IDA membership and talked to audience about IDA Hope, Hope medi, & assure. Our specially designed writing pad also had information regarding the IDA Hope. Dr Vinod explained what IDA can do for its members. The questions by members were also answered by Dr Vinod Mathew. The president addressed the gathering & the CDE convenor welcomed the gathering and also briefed them regarding the upcoming CDE activities. After the short tea break the guest speaker was introduced by Dr Binila. 

Dr Mohan took the audience to another level by his spell bound session for the next 2 hours followed by Q& A sessions. He discussed 5 cases of smile design done by him explaining the principles and practical application of it. He introduced the materials and talked about composites, etching, bonding and the best use of these at correct situations. Demonstrated repair of fractured anterior teeth with multiple layering technique. Tea was served at 3 pm and the participants who registered for hands on worked on models and the others watched them doing it.

The session ended with a lucky draw. 
3 participants were given 3 prizes from a lucky dip conducted. 
The meeting ended with vote of thanks by the Hon secretary. The participants were issued certificates of participation before they left . 118 participants attended.


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